Flu Vaccinations 2016/17

We encourage all eligible patients to take advantage of the protection that the flu vaccine offers and would encourage patients to have their vaccination administered by a Doctor or Nurse in one of our flu clinics.   There are many advantages to having your flu vaccination done by your own GP or nurse

  • Your GP practice has a copy of your full  medical record so is able to best assess your risk and clinical needs, and will be able to record all the details of your vaccination in your record.
  • We can also check other aspects of your health at the same time, and even give you other vaccinations such as against pneumonia if this is clinically needed.
  • We can answer any of your clinical questions about the flu vaccination.

Your GP practice has been running flu vaccination for many years, and is an important and central part of our work to help keep our patients and local community healthy.

Please contact Reception for the vaccination dates, and to make an appointment.


A flu vaccine is available for free on the NHS for:

  • anyone over the age of 65
  • pregnant women
  • carers
  • children and adults with an underlying health condition (particularly long-term heart or lung disease)

An annual flu vaccine nasal spray is also now offered to healthy children aged two, three and four years old, born between 1st of September 2011 and 31st of August 2014.  The vaccination will be available to other children in clinical ‘at risk’ groups up to the age of 18 years.