Important Update

Dear patient

Please see below important information from your surgery.

  • As we now have technology in place to hold consultations via phone, video, online and receive photos it is currently safer for patients to be initially assessed via these methods rather than the traditional face to face appointment.  Any patient that does need to be seen will be invited to attend at a set time so we can ensure social distancing in adhered to within the surgery

We are constantly reviewing the situation but for the foreseeable future this will be the “new normal” way of providing access to practice services whilst maintain social distancing for staff, patients and the vulnerable.

  • Where possible, please wear your own face covering when attending the surgery to protect our supplies of PPE for our Health Care workers.
  • There are a few items that we would recommend patients have at home in their first aid kit, if possible.
    • Thermometer
    • Blood pressure monitor
    • Oxygen saturation monitor (“pulse oximeter”)

These are readily available to purchase on-line and through pharmacies and are useful for monitoring many conditions/illnesses and particularly helpful with identifying and monitoring symptoms of COVID 19.

Thank you for your support

The Maples Health Centre