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Private Fees & Charges Poster Introduction

Not all services at the Practice are available to patients under the NHS. These services generally incur a private fee payable to the Practice.

Patient access to medical records requests and charges are dealt with under a separate policy. See “Patient Access to Medical Records Policy and Request Form”.


Where patients request a non-nhs service to be provided, the following procedure must be followed by ALL Practice Staff:

  • Advise the patient that the service requested is non-nhs, and that a private fee is therefore payable. Verify the Fee payable using the charges on the NON-NHS FEES poster.
  • Confirm that this is acceptable to the patient and verify that they would like to go ahead with the request.

Ensure the Patient is given sufficient time and details to make an informed choice.

  • Payment should be taken before the service is undertaken.
  • Inform the patient that their request will be fulfilled within approximately 21 working days (dependent upon the availability of the relevant doctor [e.g. is on annual leave etc.]). If the service requires an appointment to be arranged (e.g. for an immunisation), inform the patient that the Practice will contact them with a date for this (unless this is already known at the point of booking).
  • Obtain the documents (where applicable) from the patient and pass them to the administration team who will record the information on the Medical Reports Spreadsheet on the Shared Drive. The administration team will either allocate the request to the relevant doctor for completion or print out the relevant information from SystemOne.
  • Once the forms have been completed / printed, the doctor concerned will pass them to the administration team who will update the spreadsheet and inform the patient that the information is ready for collection. The information should then be filed (in alphabetical order) in the “awaiting patient pick up” file in reception.
  • The surgery does not administer any chargeable vaccinations.

Fees for Non-NHS services from 1st January 2023

All payable in advance

Fees based on length of time to review records and complete

Chargeable at £60 per 30 minutes

Certificates and forms

Letter for taking Meds on Plane                       Free

School / Uni Health Report                                £25.00

Housing Letter                                                       £25.00

Private Letter / TWIMC                                       £30.00

Private Prescription for Travel                          £25.00

Fitness to Exercise Certificate                            £30.00

Overseas Pension Form                                      £30.00

Children Letter for Ballet / Stage etc.              £30.00

Private Sick Certificate                                        £30.00

Freedom from Infection Certificate                 £30.00

Fitness to Fly Letter/ Wheelchair access        £30.00

Lighter Life Forms                                                 £40.00

Cancellation Holiday Form / Letter                  £60.00

Sickness / Accident Insurance Form                £60.00

Ofsted Health Report                                          £60.00

Police Medical Simple/Complex                      £60.00/£120.00

We do not countersign passports or complete firearms licence reports.

Medical examinations and reports – booked by admin

Power of Attorney Form (in Surgery)              £60.00

Power of Attorney Form (Home Visit)            £110 – £150

HGV                                                                          £120.00

All Taxi Medicals and Bus Medicals                 £100.00

Pre-employment Medical                                  £130.00

(Including elderly driver fitness to drive)

Please allow 4 weeks for all completed requests.